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Dream of Wild Health

About Us

Dream of Wild Health is all about healthy food! As a non-profit, organic farm, we work with the Twin Cities Native community to reconnect with indigenous foods and medicines by returning to the teachings of our ancestors. We know that Native people are some of the best agriculturalists in the world, having developed 3/5 of the foods that are eaten today.

From our humble beginning as a small garden in 1998, Dream of Wild Health has grown into a 10-acre farm in Hugo, MN. Each year we produce five tons of organic vegetables, in addition to caring for an indigenous berry orchard and 2-acre Pollinator Meadow. We grow and protect rare, tribal seeds that were a gift from Cora Baker, a Potawatomi Seed Keeper, who believed that returning to our indigenous foods was the way to heal the health of our community. Our traditional diet--based on foods we hunted, gathered, and grew--was disrupted by the move to reservations and dependence on high fat, high starch commodity foods. We are grateful to families and elders such as Cora, who cared for our corn, squash, and bean seeds, knowing that our children would need them.


With each season at the farm, with every community garden, and every plant that we grow ourselves, we are reclaiming food sovereignty: our right to healthy, affordable, and culturally appropriate food. We are recovering the knowledge that was displaced by assimilation by teaching Native youth and families how to rebuild a relationship with the land and our food. Today, more than ever, we need to treat Mother Earth with loving kindness, and to protect her when she needs us.